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King Of The Village


The local hero shows the crowd that there is more than one way to ride the Ferris wheel at the Mela in Pilani.

Lightbulb Sun


As another year passes by and just a week lies between the BITSian and Pilani, one looks forward to coming back to the buzz of campus life but is wary of the extreme weather characteristic of the second semester. Enjoy the sun while you can.

P.s. Happy New Year!

Half lights

Half Lights

Here’s to hoping you had a Merry Christmas.

And to many more to come. Cheers.

Party goes on!


Ensnared in a lonely desert, your average BITSian craves for his yearly dose of music and dance.

Clicked  during the performance by Sunburn DJs. Read the rest of this page »


Nritya Ranjini 2014

Nritya Ranjini 2014 – Pravaaham (Time Flows On), the annual performance by the members of Ragamalika, BITS Pilani, adds a classical taste to the happenings on campus.


Hear Me Roll

Music Night, Sept 2014

The music night left quite a few tired legs as BITSians headbanged their worries away and grooved to the performances carried out to perfection by the Music Club, BITS Pilani


To 67 Years of Freedom

Independence Day_WMless

A very happy independence day to all.
“A good citizen should know how to govern like a freeman, and how to obey like a freeman – these are the virtues of a citizen.”
– Aristotle, Part IV, Book 3, Politics


Practice School Diaries

Practice School Diaries

Behold an overload of profile pictures from beaches around the country. The two month long PS has begun and surprise quizzes are the least of people’s worries.


Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line

As the comprehensive exams begin, another semester and the year comes to an end.
To everyone spending their last few days here, farewell. We wish you the best and we’re sure you are taking memories along.


Play Us a Memory, Piano Man

Play Us a Memory, Piano Man

Every year we celebrate undiscovered talents as hostels battle it out to prove their supremacy and win INBLOOM, the inter-hostel cult fest of BITS, Pilani


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